Jun 27, 2014


You've probably spotted them everywhere: from your fav fashion blog to your everyday coffee run, from clubs and bars to formal events, from magazine covers to celeb istagram accounts and so on.
There is no doubt the Nike Air Max has made a huge comeback this year and frankly, it was long due.

Aside from being ultra comfortable (that cushion was surely born out of a puffy cloud and soft pillow love story) this season's must-have sneakers also look the part: stylish, modern, cool, efortless.

Whether you opt for the famous Air Max 90s, the Air Max Thea or the oh-so-beautiful-I-swear-I-could-eat-them Flyknit version, be sure you accessorize properly.

Make it fun and colourful or go all black / black & white for a glammed up look.

If you are from Romania and need a tip on a fabulous online store when you can get your pair at a fair price, leave me a message.

Also, if you want your own ultra-mega-personalized pair, go to www.nike.com, click on NikeID and create your dream sneakers.

Mine are below: