Feb 10, 2015

Perfect Pore Minimisers

Looking for the perfect primer can prove to be an exhausting and costly endeavour. Yet none of us are willing to give up on the quest for a perfect, flawless complexion, so we keep trying and spending and searching, micro-analysing all the PROs and CONs.
Somehow, we all seem to get tricked by the idea that an expensive product may do wonders, overlooking smaller, up-and-coming brands that sometimes succeed in developing a product so good that it's almost unbelievable!

I humbly admit I used to be one aggressive preacher of huge cosmetics companies such as Lancome, Dior or Estee Lauder. I tried them all, with a certain degree of satisfaction, but never being wholeheartedly convinced I found the best one.

Of the three above, the one that really worked for me (I have combination skin, with dry areas and oily T zone on forehead, nose and chin, and medium sized pores mostly visible on my nose) was Dior's. I'm not a great fan of their products (they sometimes score with mascara, bronzing powders and skincare products) but this one proved to be quite good.

Nevertheless, at a whooping 42$, it's not that big of a surprise :).

Next, I went along with the Benefit frenzy, trying on the infamous POREfessional Agent Zero.

It was good. Not amazing. Just good. Close to Dior's finish, but at a more reasonable price of 31$.

Boot's was OK-ish too. But didn't do the trick.

Don't even get me started on Garnier, L'Oreal or that whitening bullshit from Nivea who did absolutely nothing.

So at this point, I was kind of convinced I'd have to spend good money to get good quality. Never had I imagined I can have the option of spending very little money to get amazing quality. Until one day when I finally stumbled upon...

this incredible product from former Milano (now Turkey-based) cosmetics company called FLORMAR.

Their products are quite cheap and though I haven't tested many aside from some of their mascaras, an eyeshadow and this incredible pore minimiser, I can say I am astonished.

My skin looks flawless. And it cost me 11 $. No spelling mistake here, 11 $, for real.
Their product now holds a honourable place on my make-up table and another equally honourable one in my travelling make-up case.

I declare myself more than satisfied and my quest over (for now).

But I'm curious to know about your experiences, so let me know what are the pore products that do the trick for you. Also, if any of you have managed to try this Flormar product as well, I'd be immensely grateful if you'd share your opinion.

Till next time, stay beautiful :*



Feb 5, 2015

Targul de Minunatii - Editia Speciala De Valentine's Day

Mai sunt doar cateva zile pana la cea de-a V-a editie a Targului de Minunatii de la The Pub Universitatii. Incepem luna februarie sub semnul iubirii si o intampinam cu multa bucurie si cu o suita de produse atent selectionate pentru cele mai "dulcege" sarbatori ale anului - Valentine's Day si Dragobete.

Indiferent de care parte a baricadei te situezi (are you a fan or a hater? :P) luna aceasta va trebui sa-i demonstrezi cumva cat de mult tii la ea (el). 
Goana dupa cadourile potrivite nu trebuie sa fie insa un chin si mai ales nu trebuie sa te ruineze.  

Misiunea noastra este sa promovam shoppingul inteligent si sa te ajutam sa gasesti produsele potrivite la preturi care te vor face sa zambesti. Am selectat cei mai interesanti expozanti, cele mai inedite produse si am condimentat intreaga experienta cu cateva idei cool si de efect pe care le poti pune in aplicare ca sa-i transmiti intr-un mod cat mai memorabil ce mult inseamna pentru tine :)

Intra pe pagina noastra de facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/WonderBoutiqueRomania ) sau pe pagina evenimentului ( https://www.facebook.com/events/407811836059378/ ) si inspira-te din sugestiile noastre pentru cadouri de neuitat. Noi iti promitem sa avem de toate pentru toti: ceva rosu pentru pasionali, roz pal pentru romantici, albastru pentru visatori si chiar si negru pentru sceptici...

Duminica, 8 februarie 2015, intre 11 si 19, te asteptam pe Bdul Regina Elisabeta Nr. 9 la The Pub Universitatii cu sute de comori si preturi de care te vei indragosti lulea!

Daca vrei sa faci parte dintre expozantii nostri, lasa-ne un mesaj (pe facebook/ pe mail la wonderboutiqueromania@gmail.com) sau da-ne un telefon (+40743075588) si asigura-ti un stand. Grabeste-te, mai avem doar cateva locuri!