Mar 4, 2015

Styleart - Designs that will steal your heart

Getting that perfect T-Shirt has always been quite the challenge for me. Might sound weird but it's true. I seem to easily get it right when it comes to dresses and jackets and pants and accessories - even if ordered online- but I almost always end up buying a bunch of T-shirts that I never ever wear outside and that somehow turn into house cleaning wardrobe.

I'm not sure why this happens. I don't even ask for that much, I just want them to be cool, comfortable, have a good design and decent quality. But I rarely find them and when I actually do, I absolutely definitely categorically must share it with all of you.

So last week I got this wonderul package from

To my shame, I did not know anything about this website up until last month, but the second I found it, I was conquered for good. I browsed franticly through all of their picks, and by the time I was done, my shopping cart was full. I reluctantly scraped some of them off and ended up ordering:

- this black T-shirt
- this white T-shirt
- this black hoodie (all for me)
and another T-shirt (this one) for my boo.

The package arrived very quickly and everything was just right, starting with measurements and design and ending with fabric (100% pure quality cotton).

All I had to do next was wait for a sunny warm day to take my beauties for a walk.

I now declare myself perfectly satisfied and cannot wait for the next order.
Check out the designs yourself - visit the Styleart website and get your custom design here . Follow them on facebook to stay up to date here.

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