Sep 15, 2013


Some styles to steal right now:

Camilla Belle opts for an elegant, understated makeup to enhance her already perfect features.

Angelina Jolie: focus on the eyes (natural earthly colors to enhance green eyes) and bare lips

Kim Kardashian's perfect Christmas makeup.
One tip though: unless done perfectly, makeup that enhances both eyes and lips can look costume-y.

Doutzen Kroes: add some glitter and a colorful pout for a fresh & young feel.
You do need a perfect complexion though...

Diane Kruger
Earthly tones for perfect blue eyes.

Eva Mendes: green eyeliner to enhance almond / hazel eyes and a perfect blusher.

Frida Pinto
Again, green for hazel eyes and a neutral lip color.

Green shadow also works for green eyes (a lighter and sparkly shade) with a brown enhancer.
Perfect brows, awesome lip color and a bronzer complete the fresh, tan look.

Focus on the lips (and leave the eyes almost bare) with a strong, ox blood lipstick.

Master of face contouring, Kim nails another look focusing on the eyes with earthly shadows and fake eyelashes.
Lips stay nude and cheeks get a bronzed glow.

Carolina nails the summer soiree look with a glossy pink pout and golden eye shadow.

Kelly Rowland looks fresh and young, combining green eyeliner and a two tone eye shadow.

Another sun kissed look from Leighton who masters the cat /smokey eye makeup.

Bare faced and wonderful, with a focus on eyebrows.
Meghan looks fresh and sexy with minimum eyeshadow and wonderful fake lashes.

Sun kissed all the way. Fake lashes, bronze blusher, pale orange lipgloss.

Smokey eye with a twist from one of the Olsen twins (could never tell them apart).

Classical smokey eye enhanced by glittery gray eye shadow.
Fall 2013 star nail color too (ox blood).

Camilla makes a strong impression with a dark maroon lipstick and minimal eye makeup.
Strong brows and glossy dark hair complete the look to perfection.

Old Hollywood glam for Jessica.

Smokey eyes and pale pink lips.

Amazing smokey eyes for Mila.

Red lips and fake eyelashes for Riri.

Focus on the lips with a perfect matte red lipstick.

Another memorable look for Rihanna with a dark lipstick to match her fierce red locks.

Amazing eyeshadow combo for miss Scarlett.

Just a hint of eyeliner and mascara can take you a long way.
A perfect complexion and big blue eyes can't hurt either.

And the mother of all smokey eyes from miss Snow White herself.

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