Sep 23, 2013

My checklist for this FALL - Part 1

Finally new collections are here and in a day or two I'll have to start my usual fall fashion spree.
As I'm definitely a shopaholic (with a limited budget though), this year I decided to follow my New Year's Eve resolution and "buy with(in) reason".
That means not giving in to the urges and impulses of everything I see (and for sure don't need but they just look nice) and buying with a LIST.
A list I have already made by (step 1) browsing my wardrobe and deciding what I need most and (step 2)  browsing online and finding the alternative prices for each item.

So it goes like this:

I need fall black boots. That I can wear with boyfriend / skinny jeans and leggings. I do however need a bit of heel, so here are my alternatives:

a). SPLURGE: Tibi Piper Black Boots, 598 USD

b). SAVE: H&M Platform Boots (not even in the same category but still black biker boots with a height boost) 60 USD

I really need a pair of really cute sneakers.

a) SPLURGE: Giuseppe Zanotti black and gold sneakers 850 USD

b) SAVE: Supra TK Society High Tops 77 USD

Plus a nice cross body bag that can hold all of my items and still leave room for my scarf.

a) SPLURGE: Alexander McQueen Heroine Tote 2760 USD

b) SAVE: Zara Leather City Bag 180 USD

Of course I need some really nice sweaters and knitwear...

a). SPLURGE way 1: Kenzo Logo Print Sweater 520 USD

a). SPLURGE way 2 (just kidding this time) Zara Mohair Sweater 50 USD

and Zara Square Cut Cable Knit Sweater 100 USD


SAVE: H&M Sweater 30 USD

H&M Knitted Jumper 45 USD

H&M Polo Neck Jumper 100 USD

Then of course I need new pairs of jeans and leggings:

a). SPLURGE: True Religion Skinny Jeans 900 USD

b). SAVE: Zara Dark Washed Jeans 100 USD

a). SPLURGE: Milly Leather Leggings Black 1000 USD

b). SAVE: H&M Faux Leather Leggings 20 USD

Beanies are so in and I love them so much so I might need 2 or 3 pcs. in different colors:

MSBHV Beanie 30 USD

Zara Knitted Black Hat 10 USD

ASOS - Barts Claire Faux Fur Beanie 65 USD

So this is Part 1 of my checklist, will be back soon with part 2 which includes my other accessories and cosmetics wish list.


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