Nov 4, 2013

Halloween Pics

As promised, here is a short post with pics from my Halloween BDay.
Although I researched and researched gathering all the possible inspiration for my costume, I must admit it didn't quite work as expected.

There were some hectic days before Friday with lots of work and stuff to do so I ended up with no time for shopping and a "homemade" outfit that was neither Lara Croft nor assassin nor cat Woman (as I previously planned).

It was rather a combination of all of the above, yet it worked out fine.
I managed to buy two plastic handguns in the very last moment (chose the black one for my outfit) and a fake ponytail from H&M.

Now both guns are peacefully put to rest on my mannequin until next year :)

Didn't really have time for any spectacular makeup though...

My guests did have some interesting outfits and makeups so kudos to them. And the party was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. so no regrets :)

Here's a snap of my outfit before heading out. So ponytail, black tank top, black PU leather leggings, black over the knee boots, black gun, black belt, black accessories :)))) But deep ox blood lipstick :)))

And the mani, how could I forget about the mani :))
Inspired from my last post, I did it myself (and it shows) but it was funny:

This is one of my friends who chose to be an Arabic princess for the night:

The third girl is another friend of mine who couldn't be pursued to put on a costume :)

Another friend of mine chose the 70s fitness instructor outfit, with pink top and bottoms, fitted leggings, neon leg warmers and multicolored sneakers. She does have the body to pull off an outfit like that and I think it was by far one of the most original costumes at my party:

Neon manicure, bright pink lipstick & deep blue eyes included :)

Her boyfriend chose to be a mad scientist for the night with the all white overcoat, rubber gloves and nerd glasses.

One of my guests liked my handgun a little too much :))

This is Lex, another friend of mine who had one of the best outfits: a 20s retro dress, long pearl necklace, white lace gloves, a tiny sexy head piece and all the attitude to complete the look:

One of my best (male) friends who is born one day away and celebrated his BDay with me chose to be a tattooed rapper, sporting some pretty funny items: a custom made T-Shirt (it reads "You come here, you go there, you take shaorma, you have fun" - which are the instructions he gave to a foreign tourist who visited our country in the summer :). His tattoos are actually sleeves he bought in Amsterdam :)

We also had a really pretty Black Swan accompanied by Obi Wan Kenobi:

and some pretty scary characters:

All in all it was a fun filled night together with my closest friends and it turned out better than I had hoped.



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