Nov 20, 2013


Hello there you fancy glam bold chic fashion addicts.
Today's post is all about patterns and the art (or not) of mixing them.

I still remember being 15 or 16 when my mum tried to explain to me that mixing the appropriate patterns is something of an art.

Back then there were these very strict rules to the way a classy and fashionable lady should dress: thou shall never go with bold eyes and lips at the same time, thou shall match your shoes and accessories to your purse, and - most of all - THOU SHALL NEVER EVER make the huge, "impardonable" mistake of wearing more than one heavy pattern at a time (but rather mix it with plain colors, as nude or faded as possible).

Fifteen years later though the rules seem to have completely changed.
You can wear bold eyes and bold lips at the same time, you must NOT match your purse and shoes to the exact pantone / cmyk combo and most of all, you can mix patterns.

As long as you know how, as obviously not everything goes.

Truth is this is quite an art. Destined to reveal your inner self, to help you express your tastes and personality and most of all to make you unique, noticeable & impossible to miss.

Let's have a look at some of the most impressive pattern mixes out there:

Yes, but these are all carefully styled magazine photo sessions or runway examples, you'll probably tell me.
Fair enough. But they did serve as inspiration to celebrities, fashion bloggers and random people everywhere.

Here's the proof we can pull it off as well, even if we steal a bit of inspiration:

Stripes and polka dots are by far one of the most desired and often used combos.
But flowers and graphic prints work as well. So does leopard & army /camouflage or horizontal + vertical stripes (just as long as they don't have the same exact width).

But is it really that much of an art? Can we really FAIL FAIL FAIL as easily and turn into something that should belong in a CIRCUS?

I'll let the following examples speak for themselves...

Here we have a terrible combo between one of the most HORRIFIC cardigans I have ever seen and a somewhat boring dress. Colors, patterns, details, nothing matches.
Thank God she's pretty.

Probably one of the worst print & pattern mix outfits on the red carpet.
Colors are all wrong, making her look old, oversized and depressed. Yup, clothes canmake you look depressed. And sometimes can even cause depression in other people.

Do you really wanna be responsible for world depression?!?

Mixing patterns when you have extremely bold colors AND patterns AND big contrasts AND different  garment styles is just a big no no...

Now that's what happens when you think mixing patterns works fine if only you stay within the same range of colors. Not enough ladies. Unless it's Halloween. And even then you can do better ;)

Leopard meets zebra and clown and panda bear and circus employees and... well, everybody.

Pijama party anyone?
Mixing patterns is not only about the colors and prints and patterns.
Strangely enough, garments should also have a good fit, length to width ratio, nice colors etc.
You know, those little details that actually make them FASHIONABLE.

Not to be rude or anything... But seriously, leopard and zebra ONLY? Where did Lion King go? And this is an insult to pumas and cheetah and even panda bears everywhere. Why on earth not include them too?!?!?
P.S. I think some meerkats wanna play too...

But then again even Emma can get it wrong sometimes....

Yes yes, I did say stripes and polka dots work. But if they're both in the white & black area, then why that (is it orange???) top? And black flats.... especially THOSE flats.
Here's a thought: keep the skirt but shorten it up, keep the cardigan but... Uhmm...
On second thought lose the cardigan. And skirt. And top and flats.  Sometimes it's just better to go naked... :)))

Here we go again... This time with some maroon boots...
Thrift shops everywhere could certainly use your donation...

Yep. This actually happens somewhere...

Then again, not even style icon Olivia Palermo manages to get it right every single time.
Here in a boring, uninspired and uninspiring mix.
With old boring uninspired colors.
Plain uninspiring.

Why look at that... Can't you just write a whole novel about this getup?
Strangely enough I can't think of anything to say.  That's right, I'm in awe :)))

Pijama party number 2. This time featuring ugliest shoes on earth. And ugliest shorts. Oh, and cherry on top with ugliest head "thingie".

Chinese floral tattooed leopard zombie apocalypse. Yup. All clear.

Till next time ladies,




  1. Thank you so much for posting this art of mixing patterns.
    My personal choice goes to Polka dots and strips combo. They are never out of fashion. :)
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  2. wowo! amazing mixes! I have taken some many ideas from here!