Oct 29, 2013

Stylish VS Funny Halloween

Whoaaa... I can easily admit that this post might have been the hardest / most researched / most time consuming post I have ever made.

No wonder though, as Halloween is one of my favorite days if the year. Not only because my birthday is on the 31st (so beware, I might be a witch in disguise) but for tons of other reasons. Think about it... 

It's the only time you can get dressed however you want and be sure no one is gonna judge. 
The only time you can wear those huge false eyelashes without being called a bimbo or porn star.
The only time that black / ox blood lipstick won't pass as too much...
The only time you can wear a huge curly long wig and get away with it...
Need I go on?

So of course I'm planning a party. A costume party that is. And I've been asking all my guests what their costumes are gonna be and guess what... Most of them have no idea what to wear.
Of course we're all torn between having an original & funny costume versus the stylish / goddess / sexy / "look like a movie star once a year" costume.

Therefore, I thought I'd do a post and gather all my inspirations and ideas throughout the year to help "guide" my lovely guests and maybe some of you out there.
So here it goes:

1. The "overused but yet so sexy and beautiful" GREEK GODDESS:

You're gonna need: a white empire dress, gold accessories, a wig (preferably curled up) and some gold leaves to fancy up your hair. 

Or you can just use braids:

Make-up should feature lots of gold as well. 
For the beauty queen classic look, opt for gold & smokey eyes, false lashes and bare / nude lips:

For those of you more daring out there, just use gold either on your eyes / lips or even your entire face.
This is a look for makeup PROs though so be sure you can master it...

2. On the funny side, gold can work as well for a "RICH BITCH" / "BLING BLING GIRL" outfit:

It should really not be that hard to gather all your gold accessories and some big brand names and "decorate" yourself with them like you would decorate a Christmas tree :)

You'll need: a golden dress (gold & black can work as well to deliver that "Opulence, I Has It" feel), tons of gold accessories, a Cuban cigar to accentuate the richness and a spoiled brat attitude.


Now enough gold, let's just try some silver / platinum looks.
This idea is of course inspired by one of my all time favorite ladies: Miss Tilda Swinton.
Her Ice Queen role in Narnia left a looooong lasting impression on me, not only because of her amazing outfit but because of her outstanding mimics. Her cold, ruthless but yet so calm face and royal attitude made her the most amazing /perfect Ice Queen I ever saw.

Now I'm not saying this is an easy look to pull. Actually, it might just be one of the hardest as you will need white fur (ladies, please, FALSE fur ok?), a silver / white dress, a proficient makeup artist and the best hairstylist within your reach.

So unless you checked all of the above, stay away from this look :)

4. On the original /funny (yet soooo sexy / why didn't I think of that before) side, I'm sure some of you have heard about the Jane Fonda workout tapes frenzy back in the 70s.
Jane was The Icon back then, with her pretty 100% American  looks and her incredible, "how on Earth is this possible" body.

So the 70s SEXY GYM INSTRUCTOR outfit should definitely work for those of you with a slim, beautiful physique.
All you need is neon leggings / colored warmers, fitted body, gym gloves and a pretty headband.

Don't forget your makeup which should feature blue / green / violet eyeshadow, lots of mascara and of course a pinkier than pink pout.

5. Now here comes one my all time favorites. The all so dangerous so sexy so mighty NINJA GIRL:

Not a hard look to pull if you have the basics: black fitted costume (could work with black leggings and black tank top as well), black boots, black hoodie and mask.

But DO make sure your eyes tell a thousand stories as your lips will be covered:

6. In the same Asian spirit, how could I ever forget the oh-so-praised GEISHA.
Again, not a very easy look to pull but with a little help the outcome can be outstanding.

You'll need a kimono, hair sticks, preferably a black wig, lots of white face powder, black eyeliner and a very bright red lipstick.


7. For a more classic, stylish, easy look, you can always put that LBD to good use, channelling (who other) than the great miss Hepburn.

The Audrey look is easy to pull if you have all the basics: LBD, tiara, long cigarette holder, pearls and the ability to do a cat eye with a black eyeliner.


Found this funny poem dedicated to flapper girls and though I'd share it with you:

THE FLAPPER, by Dorothy Parker

The Playful flapper here we see, The fairest of the fair.
She's not what Grandma used to be, You might say, au contraire. 

Her girlish ways may make a stir, Her manners cause a scene,
But there is no more harm in her Than in a submarine. 

She nightly knocks for many a goal The usual dancing men.
Her speed is great, but her control is something else again. 

All spotlights focus on her pranks. All tongues her prowess herald.
For which she well may render thanks To God and Scott Fitzgerald. 

Her golden rule is plain enough - JUST GET THEM YOUNG AND TREAT THEM ROUGH.

You'll need:  a flapper dress, a black pout, a 20s up do, a long pearl necklace and dance shoes.


You got it. Sexy Powerful Dangerous Soldier Girl.
The "necessaires" are obvious, yet do.not.forget.the.beret.

10. The... "NICKI MINAJ"

Probably the easiest look to pull if you own a crazy colored wig and two butt pads :)))

Then again, be sure to master her two most famous "grins".
Practice makes perfect so get up in front of that mirror and kiss kiss/ grin grin:

If none of the above managed to inspire you, here's a random collection of other outfits / makeups /ideas that might very well work:

Happy Halloween ladies :)
And I promise I'll post lots of pics from my BDAY so you can see what we all wore.


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