Oct 4, 2013

The Perfect Day

It's finally October, my favorite month of the year because of so many reasons.
First, I just love this cold, windy / rainy weather. Before you all jump me, just hear me out.

It's the perfect time for layering. It's the perfect time for cute little accessories that really make an outfit, like scarves, hats and leather gloves.
It's the perfect time for knee high boots and comfy sweaters, late night movie watching sipping hot tea and cozy mornings with a creamy coffee and a great book.

I do have some personal reasons as well. 31st of October is my birthday, my sister's birthday (yes, we were born 13 years apart but in the same day of the same month) and also Halloween (one of my favorite holidays obviously, as all or most fashion addicts just love the excuse to wear some costumes).

So as DDay approaches, I started to imagine what would make this day really & absolutely perfect.
So I pinned down every major moment, from morning until ... well... morning again, and this is how it goes:

I'd wake up at 10-ish. As I have zero understanding of the whole "breakfast in bed" frenzy (who'd want to eat before brushing teeth and having a shower anyway??), I'd have a cute little French-y breakfast in the kitchen.

Of course my husband was the one who prepared it.
He went up to Gloria Jeans and bought me a large Choc Macadamia Latte (the most wonderful, perfect coffee I've ever tasted) and some butter croissants.

A fresh bouquet of white roses accompanies this perfect little breakfast, white Lorde or Robyn plays in the background.

Then I'd start my morning routine.
First thing I'd do is a little skin pampering with my (lately) favorite skincare from Grown Alchemist.
This is a fantastic organic range, no parabens, no added fragrance and a lovely monochromatic design.
Then I'd go on with my makeup routine, using all my prized products.
It goes like this:

First I'll apply Mac's Studio Sculpt Foundation which is the best one I've ever tried so far. It covers everything without looking like a mask and stays put for hours and hours.

Then, if I'd been lucky enough, someone would have already bought me a bottle of LaPrairie Skin Caviar and Foundation. Funny enough, I love their concealer but I prefer the Mac foundation so at least 80% of the bottle is useless. 
And that (besides the price of course) is the reason I'd only use La Prairie if someone were to give it to me as a gift :)

Eyebrows come next and as I'm a brunette I'd use a Mac or Two Faces Eyebrow Palette in Dark Brown & Gray.
I've tried them both and I am pleased with either one but I certainly prefer the one from Two Faced, both in terms of color as well as thickness.
A colorless eyebrow mascara would finnish up the process to make sure every single hair stays in place.

In terms of eyeshadow, I usually go for earthy colors (all shades of brown, dark beige, crimson, apricot, bronze or burgundy) for day and black / dark grey / dark green smokey eyes for night time.
Once again I'm a sucker for Mac eyeshadow but Sephora's range as well as Urban Decay are quite good too.
From time to time I get all guilty and buy some organic or mineral products from e.l.f. or Neve.
And for the night looks, Estee Lauder and Dior are more than perfect.

This is Sephora's:

Urban Decay's:

And Dior's:

In terms of mascara, I don't think there can be anything better than Two Faced's "Better Than False Lashes" mascara.
I do 2 or 3 coats and then I finnish up with L'Oreal's Lash Architect 4D.
I know it might sound crazy but since I first used this particular L'Oreal mascara I haven't been able to give it up.
I literally tried hundreds of products over the years as I like my lashes long, curled and full of volume but not even 10 times more expensive products haven't proved as good at this.

To finnish it off, I'd use Estee Lauder's amazing topaz blusher and a nude Dior lipstick.

Time now for my all time favorite scent, Thierry Mugler's Alien.

After all this is done, I'd probably go out for some Halloween Party costume.
Already got my knee high leather boots as this year the winner is Cat Woman. :))
Haha, I know it sounds cheesy but it's like the easiest outfit to pull off if - as long as you are trying to avoid latex and masks.
I go like this: long boots, black leather leggings, black blouse, some cat ears and a high ponytail. To top it off, long sharp black or blood red nails and a sultry smokey eye makeup and it's all done. Perfect look for a club Halloween party.What could ever be easier?

Then I'd probably shop for my sister's present (if it were that perfect day and she'd be here with me instead of Los Angeles).
I'd buy her an Angela & Roi cross body tote in wine.
They have this wonderful initiative where for every purchase they donate part of the money to a selected cause.
Each color corresponds to a cause. Red is AIDS & HIV, orange is kidney disease, brown is cancer, green is depression and so on.
For more info check out their website at www.angelaroi.com

After all these I'd go out with my wonderful lovely amazing friends to some crazy Halloween party where we'd drink red wine, Schweppes Bitter Lemon Vodka and lots of Aperol Sprits.

In terms of presents (could't forget about that, could I?), I'd go nuts for any of these beauties:

AARK Collective Watches - black & gold:

Francoise Nielly painting:

Tattly's temporary tattoos:

These would of course be thing's I'd buy myself, so to all my friends and family out there reading this post, these are not suggestions! I repeat, NOT SUGGESTIONS at all, ok?



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