Oct 2, 2013

You can leave your... fedora on!

Another cold windy day in Bucharest. Actually so cold and so windy that a 10 min. walk was enough to convince both me and my dog (a golden labrador who must usually be forced /dragged back into the house) to give up and stay in.

Well, in this above mentioned cold & windy day, of course I got my winter coat and my warmest sweaters out of the closet, but I did forget about my head pieces. OK, maybe I didn't forget, maybe I just washed my hair and didn't wanna spoil all the volume... Nevertheless, worst decision ever as my ears instantly froze and all my sleek freshly ironed straight locks became frizzy and tangled.

So I guess its safe to say that my inspiration for today's post literally knocked me in the head.

It's time for hats ladies, and as I already did a piece on beanies last month, let's now talk fedoras. And floppy hats. And trilby hats, and berets and bucket hats, cloches or whatever works for you.

Here's some inspiration on how to accessorize your choice of hat and how to wear your hair under it.

If you want that careless, rebel look, try pairing a fedora with a long shirt or cardigan, skinny jeans and sneakers/ biker boots. Hair must look all natural and un-styled (no matter how much time you spend achieving that ;)

If you love to play cool but still wanna channel your inner fashionista, opt for a low ponytail or a loose low bun. Stay within neutral colors and combine gray, beige and whites.

Gotta love how she paired her biker jacket with those truly wonderful shoes and oversized scarf.
Her attitude and size 0 silhouette helps a bit too, but this kind of outfit can look good on almost anyone.

So you can try that or you can just wear black. Like these girls right here.
Blazers, cardigans, business suits, leather jackets. Anything goes if you opt for the right type of hat.
Once again hair is straight and loose but a low bun can give a more stylish /classy feel.

Should you prefer the more polished/ preppy look, opt for shirts, high heels and statement bags.
And yes, if properly accessorized, purple or violet can look as good.

And once again, a perfect combo for one of my personal favorite style icons, Miss Olivia Palermo.
I adore the skirt even though I'm not sure for a second that I could pull that off...

But no matter your age, size, hair length or level of proficiency fashion-wise, with the right shape / type of hat to suit your face and a bit of inspiration from the below celebs / fashion icons, off duty models, bloggers or just random street gals, I'm sure you can all pull off a great hat look.

Not to mention your head is less likely to freeze and your immunity system will probably appreciate the effort :).

And my personal favorite (both in terms of hat choice and hairstyle choice):

So until next time, stay warm and fashionable my dears!



  1. loveee hats! really want one that has a huge brim!

    1. yup, so true, I love it too.
      stopped by your blog, it's quite wonderful so I'm following you now and added you to my google circles.
      keep up the good work!

  2. So many beautiful inspirational outfits! I adore hats and wear one everyday year round! Great post to inspire more people to wear hats!


    1. I hope it will, yes. Left a comment on your wonderful blog!

  3. Hi Sweety
    Thank you so much for your comment!
    Woooow I love those pictures so much!! They are so inspiring <3
    Can't wait to see more <3
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    What do you think?
    Love, Lima xoxo


    1. already following your beautiful blog via bloglovin, now I gave my like to your FB page as well.
      Like your style a lot so waiting for more cool posts!

  4. Love those hats <3 what a cute nice blog honey you have.....My name isMarie I am a Blogger based in italy and I was wandering if we could follow each other GFC bloglovin
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